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New Homeowners Maintenance Inspection -  proper maintenance will insure that the components of your home last to their full life expectations. We will help you by doing a full walk thru of the home explaining each component and how it functions. More importantly how and when you need to maintain it. You receive an electronic report detailing a typical home's maintenance requirements along with area's that may be specific to your home.

JAF Home Inspections

Recallchek - All inspections done by JAF Home Inspections include Recallchek at no charge. This service will keep you posted on any recalls that are made against your appliances. You will be able to add/remove appliances as needed. And covers such things as furnaces, stoves, smoke detectors, etc..

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New Home Inspection - We will accompany you as you do your PDI ( predelivery inspection) with the builder as an extra set of objective eyes. We will come back in 11 months when your 1st year forms are coming due to do a full basic home inspection and help you thru the Tarion paperwork.

Move out/Move in Inspections - This is actually 2 inspections. The first is on your existing home to help you sell without any unwanted surprises. And the second is on the home you want to purchase. Both are basic home inspections as listed above.

Component Inspection - This is an inspection of 1 or more of the major components of the home. Done to the same standards as above but dealing only with the component that you have a concern about. As an example, you may have a concern regarding your roof/shingles or want the foundation checked before you finish the basement.

Basic Home Inspection - This is the standard inspection of all the major components that make up the home.This includes roofing, structure, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, the exterior and interior finishes.These are inspected to the CAHPI (Canadian association of Home & Property Inspectors)standards of practice as set out in 2012 and adopted by the Ontario Association (OAHI) in 2014. This is a visual,non invasive home inspection to give you an informed picture of the home at the date of inspection.