Both indoors and outside

Once you have cut the grass for the last time this year properly store your lawnmower. see the owners manual for instructions.

Lots to do in the fall to make sure your home is ready for winter.

Fall Edition

Make sure your shovels, snowblower etc. are easy to get to. You do not want to have to dig them out of the shed in the first snowfall.

Check door/window seals (renew caulk/weatherstripping if needed)

Feeling really ambitious - Put up Christmas lights while the weather is nice. (please don't turn them on till December)

Speaking of snowblowers. Now is a good time to make sure it starts.

Once you are finished with them make sure all hoses are drained, and hose bibs are shut off inside the house (leave the outside tap open and disconnect the hose. Do not forget the bib in the garage if applicable.

If you have storm windows now is the time to install them.

Once the leaves have fallen make sure your gutters/downspouts are clean. Do not forget any outside drains that need to be cleared.

Stay tuned for more fall tips

Check all exterior caulking and refresh if needed.

Check/clean humidifier if applicable

Rake leaves

Empty rain barrel and secure/put away lawn/patio furniture

Check/clean/service furnace (new filter)

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