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jaf home inspections  jaf home inspections

Helping you make an informed decision

JAF Home Inspections

Do you know what these images mean for you?See below what they mean on a home inspection.

A home inspection should find that: Eaves draining against the foundation may lead to future moisture issues

A home inspection will let you know when you need a hand or guardrail

A home inspection will point out that an uneven step may be cause for concern even on a secondary exit.As it may be a trip or fall hazard

A home inspection will show that rusting window frames are an easy maintenance fix. And that you may need a window well.

How we can help

We are trained to provide a step by step visual home inspection of the major components of the dwelling. Any improvement recommendations as well as detected defects will be documented/photographed for your reference.

We are here to help

We will perform our home inspection with you so that any concerns may be addressed on the spot.

We want what's best for you. 

 We know that for most a home is the largest investment in their lifetime. Existing,resale and even new homes may require upgrades,repairs and/or corrections to make the home right for you. A home inspection will help you with this

We want what's right for you.

We want to help you make an informed decision  regarding what may become the home of your dreams



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